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Pisa Pizza

55 Parkdale Ave. N, Hamilton ON

Pisa Pizza was founded more than 40 years ago. We make real Italian pizza and we have the best wings in town. We use great tasting sauce with the freshest toppings.

We have many loyal customers who love the taste of our pizzas. They came back to buy our pizzas even they moved out of town. Many customers recommend us to their employers and managers to orders pizzas from us for company party or events.

Why do customers love our pizzas and wings?

Because we are committed to the quality insurance on all steps of our food process. For example, we only use olive oil in our pizza dough preparation, we never use cheap oils or shortening in our pizza crust to reduce food cost. Nowadays many franchise pizza stores use manufactured frozen dough and convey oven to make and cook pizza, we use fresh hand stretched dough and stone oven to bake our pizzas.     We pick the biggest wings available in the market.


Gluten free pizza and Halal Pizza are available on request.

Delivery is available on orders over $16.99 before tax. We normally deliver within 12 minutes driving distance . For orders over $80 before tax, we deliver to longer distances. Please call 905-5475777 to order.